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The Bábóg Project aims to make a doll for each of the estimated 6000 babies that are said to have died in Ireland’s former Mother and Baby homes.

This project has no other aim but to acknowledge that each of these infants were human beings with human stories, no matter how short and they are therefore deserving of our love, care and attention.

By making a doll for each child, we are in a way sitting with them for those 2 or 3 hours that it takes. We are acknowledging that they existed, that they were important and they are worthy of our time and attention. We acknowledge their story, without ever knowing it, and the stories of their mother and father.

Doll making is an ancient craft, it is a craft that can capture our feelings of love and caring. The dolls made for the Bábóg Project are beautiful in their simplicity. They are small enough to fit into the palm of a hand.

The finished dolls will be gathered together by the Bábóg Project and will form part of a travelling exhibition before they reach their final resting place.

The Bábóg Project invites you to join us, to make a doll for at least one child. To spend a few hours out of your life in homage to the short life of another.

We currently have a number of patterns and tutorials available for free on our website, however dolls can be me made in any way you wish.

Finished dolls can be sent to:

The Bábóg Project

c/o Courtmacsherry Community Shop, Courtmacsherry, Co Cork, Ireland


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